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Self Improvement is a Gradual Process

It is harder to break a bad habit than to form a bad habit. Remember that before you try smoking, or have a few too many drinks, or take that extra slice of pie because your bored. Don’t buy into the “glamour” of advertisers pushing alcohol and cigarettes and don’t think you should reward yourself with cake after a long hard day. Save up to buy a bike or learn tennis rather than start abusing your body. It doesn’t matter if you’ll never be a Olympic contender, it is better to walk with your loved one around the block every day for better than health rather than to waste time envying those who are more dedicated to their sport. Know that you are loved by God and to honor yourself and others than to worry about not being the richest man in the world.

If you want a good habit to get into, start with being more respectful of yourself and others. If you respect yourself, you’ll be a better person because you feel you have value. When you feel loved by God you want to be better. If you show others respect and they see you have respect for yourself, you’ll be treated better and even if you’ve had troubles in the past, and there are very few people who had idyllic childhoods, and even now with more women working outside the home, people have more but they don’t feel important because they don’t have a mansion and look like Cindy Crawford. Children are facing abuse by family members and this has been going on for ages because we have forgotten about dignity and the preciousness of life.

Getting better health doesn’t have to hurt. You can break into doing a cardio workout by starting with fifteen minutes and working up to an hour. You can do Yoga and Pilates which are gentle on your body. In fact Pilates was developed for recuperating soldiers and Yoga is very gentle and just as effective as body building, plus it puts you in touch with the breathing and mind body connection. Just by paying attention to your body and focusing on your breathing, you can reduce health risks.

Try to change eating habits slowly. Focus on getting more fruits and vegetables and eat more whole grains and get good protein and you’ll need less of a sugar rush. You can’t starve your body and look your best. In order to have a healthy body you need to cut out sugar. If you have a problem with food cravings, acidophilus can help get you on the right track. It evens out the good bacteria in your stomach and combats Candida Yeast. Also get colloidal minerals if you’re working out, it can help cut cravings and nourish your body.

Other supplements that can get you in better shape are 2000 mg of Vitamin C and getting enough of the right balance of Vitamins and Minerals. Calcium is good to help you sleep and lose weight if you’re a woman but make sure to take Magnesium to get the right mix.

Focus on what matters. While you’re at work, focus on work, do the best job you can do. Any Good Life Coach will also give you all these advices. Speaking of a life coach, there is this Life Coach in Chicago who is an expert in life coaching and hypnosis, click on the link to get in touch with him and you can thank me later.

How To Remodel Your Kitchen According To Modern Trend

The Day You Found Boring To Work In Your Cooking Space, The Next Day You Change The Set Up

If you are bored by looking at the repeated design of your kitchen then definitely it is better to change the decor. It is very important to live in an environment which makes you happy and constantly inspire you. Therefore, one should stop believing in the miracles to happen and instead of dreaming should start working out. Some of the common reasons which make a person to refurbish his or her kitchen are hampered space, reduced options to store the things, inefficient functionality and an older look.

Alteration Cooking Space Ideas Which Everybody Should Know

There are some people who want to retain the cultural and traditional value and that is why go by the old ways in decorating their kitchen. However, some people love to give a modern look to their kitchens. They want to implement all the latest technologies and innovative ideas which could help them to completely give a brand new look.

Some of the innovative ideas which kitchen remodeling

  • 1

Pull And Replace: According to this idea, every old thing is replaced in this remodeling style. The only thing which is retained as the same in this remodeling is floor.

  • 2

Minuscule Changes: Sometimes, just by a mere alteration, things become quite impressive and interesting. For example, it is not necessary that a person should change the color of entire cabinets. Just change the color of the few cabinets and see the difference.

  • 3

Tailored Renovation: Sometimes, the entire decor of the kitchen is changed including the walls and the entire revamping is known as tailored renovation.

  • 4

According to the modern trend, some innovative kitchen ideas are not only inexpensive but better in channelizing the human efforts too. For example cheap granite countertops, fitting the energy appliances which consume less electrical energy, etc. are some lucrative ideas.

Home Remodeling for Beginners

Home Remodeling for Beginners/ A Quiz for Home Remodeling Beginners

Home remodeling for beginners is _____________.

a) scary
b) fun and creative
c) a great investment
d) all of the above

Many times, how you fill in the blank will determine how and where to start your home remodeling project.

Home Remodeling for Beginners Can Be Scary 

So you want to get rid of that formerly white carpet but aren’t sure if you should put in hardwood floors, laminate, tile or new carpet?

Thinking of re-doing a kitchen or bathroom but are afraid of messing it up?

Should you hire a professional or even attempt to do it yourself? Your friend/neighbor/brother-in-law/co-worker said it was easy but…..

A great guide would go a long way to easing your mind and helping you save tons of money and frustration by avoiding many of the beginners remodeling mistakes.

Home Remodeling for Beginners Can Be Fun and Creative 

It is true that some home remodeling projects can be great for beginners. Simple things like installing molding and solid color painting can be fun and creative ways to really update your house if done correctly.

Just be sure that what you’re planning will work with the rest of your home and lifestyle and that it is not just following the latest trend. (Think of that white carpet + small children + pets = MESS! )

Today you can find the best kitchen remodeling company by searching “remnants near me” in google.

Home Remodeling for Beginners Can Be A Great Investment 

If you are trying to sell your home or if you are planning to stay put, remodeling your home can help increase its value.

We all know that recaulking windows and doors can keep your house cleaner and save on energy costs if done correctly. But do you know that kitchen, bathroom and basement remodels can offer a significant return on your investment?

Want to keep that investment low and get that value higher? Visit to find out how to get the best professional tips to add the most value and beauty to you home.

Home Remodeling for Beginners Can Be All of the Above 

Home remodeling for beginners can be scary, fun and creative and can be a great investment.

It is not hard for seemingly simple projects to suddenly have beginners in over their heads and for seemingly complicated projects to, in reality, be quite simple.

And all remodeling projects if done correctly will add value to your house for you even if only visually.

The Handyman Special

I don’t know about your house, but around here my husband is jokingly, and not so jokingly, known as “the Handyman”. I even nicknamed him in the journal I sometimes update about our remodeling experiences. It is a well received nickname on the account of believing that fixing up houses is something of a missed calling of his. As long as the workload isn’t overwhelming this father and husband actually likes fixing things.

Like lots of guys, a trip to the hardware is fun shopping in his book, and a new tool ( AKA “toy”) is a welcome gift. How unlike most of us women! We don’t wax misty eyed in remembrance of our Kitchen Aid mixer, or our Dyson vacuum, no matter how high it was on our list of purchases for our home. But for lots of favorite “Handyman” guys out there, a power tool is the best way to say “I love you” on Father’s Day.

My Husband

is an expert D-I-Yourself Handyman

The Handyman Special

Fixing up old houses

New homeowners might opt for a “Handyman Special” (read that as an old broken down home in need of lots of remodeling work) out of desperation, because they don’t qualify for other houses to buy. There are plenty of people that choose to buy those homes for other reasons, and one of those might be because they like to tinker around fixing things. They might even be an individual who is good at it.

Is your Father, Husband, Guy friend, one of those handyman people?

Then great tools are likely on their list of what makes the perfect gift.

Passing On The Skill Set From Generation To Generation

My Dad was a really talented DIY Handyman and taught my husband, while helping him on projects; my husband knew he had arrived at expert status when my Dad admitted that my husband had surpassed him in accomplishments. Now a couple of our sons have reached similar status.

A Table Saw

Top Rated by My Personal Handyman

Here’s the backstory: When early in our marriage my personal Handyman (aka husband) first needed a tablesaw, he bought a middle of the road brand that lasted him for about thirty years of regular use through a lot of remodeling projects, including rebuilding the bathroom and kitchen ( yes, rebuilding, not remodeling- this was a very old and very rundown house, the queen of Handyman Specials that we bought some thirty years ago).

It finally broke.

So now that he knows what he wants, and in consultation with a professional remodeler friend, this is the table saw he purchased for himself.
I would have bought it for him if he had been willing to wait. Now I have to think of something else.

Ridgid R4510 Heavy-Duty Portable Table Saw with Stand

This is the portable table saw that allows the Handyman to pull his hardworking saw to just where he needs it with ease.

Bosch Quality

Bosch 4100-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw with Gravity-Rise Stand

If you buy Bosch, you buy quality. a little higher price than the Ridgid brand, but the man who has this tool will be very happy to use it for all the home improvement jobs he cares to tackle.

Stud Finder

No, it won’t find the Handyman for you, you have to do that for yourself

This is the stud finder that your already found Stud will like. Very important tool for those who nail things into walls for their significant others.


Acupuncture courses have been integrated into the academic systems even at university level. One such university is the Bastyr University School of acupuncture & oriental medicine.
The acupuncture programs offered in this school are degree and non-degree. These courses are
Combined bachelor/ Master of Science in acupuncture (BS/ MSA)
Combined bachelor/ Master of Science in acupuncture & oriental medicine (BS / MSAOM)
Master of Science in acupuncture (MSA)
Master of Science in acupuncture & oriental medicine (MSAOM)
Certificate in Chinese herbal medicine.

The Bastyr University prepares students to work with practitioners of conventional western medicine and have given a comprehensive approach to acupuncture and oriental medicine. They make sure that students become highly qualified practitioners with clinical training and well informed on the Western health care disciplines. After their training the can train and inform health care practitioners on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) There is a combination of the Chinese medicine and western modern medicine which are taught as acupuncture courses by the Bastyr university. The programs are inspired by natural health care practice in china.


The length of this program takes about 30 months which are sub-divided in 10 academic quarters. The total cost of the program is about $ 40,105.the US Department of Standard occupational classification code states that the students and ready for health care practitioners and technical workers or acupuncturist as a practice.


The qualifications required for this course are one should be a holder of a bachelors degree, one should have attained a grade c or good in prerequisite course work and lastly, one should have experience with acupuncture. The program takes 3 ½ years in full time; for part time the degree should be completed within 6 years. After the course the career opportunities available for the graduates include being a licensed acupuncturist in private practice, an acupuncturist working in international health, a writer on TCM topics and a sports medicine specialist.


The qualification needed for this course is to be a holder of bachelors degree. The length of the course duration is 3 years full time. The career opportunities available are licensed acupuncturist in private practice, an acupuncturist working in international health, a writer on TCM topics and a sports medicine specialist.
Combined bachelor/ Master of Science in acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (BS / MSAOM) and combined bachelor/ Master of Science in acupuncture (BS/ MSA)
The main qualifications to this program are the completion of 90 quarter credits, a minimum 2.75 GPA and grade c or proficiency and science requirement courses.
The school however doesn’t offer online courses as they like to supervise their students and ensure they have the best quality of education available. One should not be worried about the license after joining the acupuncture courses as the program is recognized in 44 states within the US.

DIY Landscaping on a Tight Budget

It’s been calculated that landscape designing and planting your own landscape can save you half of what it will cost to have a pro do it. Naturally, this represents loads work. But if you spread the work over time and have family members and friends who are amenable to pitch in, the undertaking goes from overwhelming to manageable.

Are you ready to be your own landscaper?

First, learn about landscape design. Local landscaping groups and garden centers often offer courses for homeowners. Look through magazines and online sources for yards you want. Read a good landscape design book or visit a landscaping website. Drive around town and note any landscape effects you particularly love. Put everything on paper prior to buying a single plant or digging a single hole.

You will save the most money by doing the physical labor of landscaping yourself. Professional landscapers normally charge a planting fee for everything they put in the ground. For jobs that are simple but too big to manage alone, hire college or high-school kids. For the really big or complex jobs, you might find it worth the money to call the professional landscape contractor, who has the proper equipment and know-how.

Double-Duty Landscapes

Nowadays there’s a blurring of the lines between the landscape and the vegetable garden and orchard. Edibles that were once classified to the backyard are being acknowledged for their beauty and are showing up in prominent spots in ornamental beds and elsewhere all over the landscape.

This fresh way of looking at your garden landscape can save you money. When you integrate attractive edibles into your yard, you’re gaining double benefits for the price of each plant. Rather than buying one kind of tree to give you fruit and another kind to shade the front yard, purchase a single tree, like a peach or cherry, that does both. Instead of erecting a fence or planting a prickly hedge, plant a handsome row of blueberry bushes to mark the edge of your property year-round, and delight in the basketfuls of sweet berries in summer.

Landscape Insurance

What do you do when an evergreen mysteriously vanishes from your yard one December? Or an automobile sideswipes your well-established rose bed and gouges big ruts in the lawn? Or lightning strikes and harms a giant shade tree? Is your first thought to call your insurance agent? Well, maybe it ought to be, since most basic homeowners’ insurance policies extend outdoors to give coverage for trees, shrubs, plants, and even the lawn! Filing a claim can cover your out-of-pocket cost of buying a substitute.

You’ll want to check your own specific policy for the details, but in general, damage by ice, snow, and wind are not covered. Apart from the catastrophes mentioned above, damage by fire, explosions, aircraft, vandalism, riots, or civil commotion are covered. There will most likely be a dollar limit on the price your insurance would pay per damaged plant.

Acupuncture as Alternative to Hysterectomy for Uterine Fibroids

Acupuncture presents a non-invasive means by which to shrink uterine fibroids. I know that because I have personally experienced successful results within the last 15 months of having weekly Acupuncture procedures. My fibroids have shrunk drastically, and my waistline is 87% complete (back to 28 in.) I encourage ANY woman who has been diagnosed with uterine fibroids to consider all options/alternatives available to having a hysterectomy. In many cases, a hysterectomy is “the number one surgery women have that they may not need”, according to Dr. Oz. Essentially, a hysterectomy removes the uterus AND the fibroids. But not in all cases of fibroids diagnoses is it necessary to remove the uterus. The focus should be on getting rid of the fibroids, not both.

What My Doctors Didn’t Tell Me

I was diagnosed with fibroids after experiencing abnormally heavy bleeding, and seeing my waistline slowly distort. My GYN told me that because my fibroids were so big (16 cm) she recommended a hysterectomy. Then she promptly gave me a pamphlet regarding the preparation procedures before surgery. Of course she talked to me in depth about the hysterectomy, but couldn’t recommend an alternative. This prompted me to do intense research on fibroids, and explore all other possibilities to consider other than going under the knife! I met with another GYN about six months later, and the experience was a déjà vu moment. She explained the procedure, and said due to size it would be safer to do it as soon as possible. And again, no alternative given. When I asked them both about some type of Holistic or ‘Alternative’ approach they just looked at me with a blank expression, and said “I don’t know”. I took this with a grain of salt, and proceeded to do more research.

Taking Control of My Health and Healing

After much more research, I came across Acupuncture. I explored this branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine and liked the way the principles and techniques worked to restore internal balance. Having fibroids is definitely a sign that my body is not in harmony. I believed Acupuncture would provide something complimentary to my body, as opposed to dealing with the shock and trauma of a hysterectomy. No cutting, no blood, a pinch here and there with a long needle were all tolerable when considering the latter. I met with a licensed Practitioner, began my treatments, and the fibroids have been shrinking for over the last 15 months. If I would have followed the advice of either or both of my GYNs before doing research, I would be in a miserable state of financial medical debt, possibly unemployed because the recovery time needed after a hysterectomy procedure wouldn’t have been covered by my job, and most importantly, my uterus would be gone forever – my window is still open if I decide to have kids in the future. A hysterectomy ‘slashes’ that hope, whether one wants kids or not.

Acupuncture has been criticized as not being a verifiable way to cure or heal the body. It is regarded as a shamanistic-type practice, and does not show enough proof of effectiveness through recorded trials to be taken seriously. Some articles I’ve come across with the continuous research I do have offered Acupuncture as something akin to a placebo effect. If so, would the physical changes with fibroid shrinkage have occurred? (It’s all in my mind!) I honestly went into the realm of Acupuncture with an open mind. I did nothing different in my lifestyle to possibly bolster the effects that Acupuncture could or would produce. I didn’t know if it would work, or not. Nor do I believe with the research I had done that I was completely convinced that Acupuncture would work. I kept an open mind, spirit and positive heart. It so happened it did work for me.

Once again, all other methods, techniques, natural remedies, exercises, etc. should be given consideration when you are faced with the option of having a hysterectomy to get rid of uterine fibroids.

Loose the fibroids – keep your uterus!

Happy Health!

Side Note: If you want to find the best acupuncture in your area then search in Google “acupuncture near me” and go with one that has the best reviews.