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Self Improvement is a Gradual Process

It is harder to break a bad habit than to form a bad habit. Remember that before you try smoking, or have a few too many drinks, or take that extra slice of pie because your bored. Don’t buy into the “glamour” of advertisers pushing alcohol and cigarettes and don’t think you should reward yourself with cake after a long hard day. Save up to buy a bike or learn tennis rather than start abusing your body. It doesn’t matter if you’ll never be a Olympic contender, it is better to walk with your loved one around the block every day for better than health rather than to waste time envying those who are more dedicated to their sport. Know that you are loved by God and to honor yourself and others than to worry about not being the richest man in the world.

If you want a good habit to get into, start with being more respectful of yourself and others. If you respect yourself, you’ll be a better person because you feel you have value. When you feel loved by God you want to be better. If you show others respect and they see you have respect for yourself, you’ll be treated better and even if you’ve had troubles in the past, and there are very few people who had idyllic childhoods, and even now with more women working outside the home, people have more but they don’t feel important because they don’t have a mansion and look like Cindy Crawford. Children are facing abuse by family members and this has been going on for ages because we have forgotten about dignity and the preciousness of life.

Getting better health doesn’t have to hurt. You can break into doing a cardio workout by starting with fifteen minutes and working up to an hour. You can do Yoga and Pilates which are gentle on your body. In fact Pilates was developed for recuperating soldiers and Yoga is very gentle and just as effective as body building, plus it puts you in touch with the breathing and mind body connection. Just by paying attention to your body and focusing on your breathing, you can reduce health risks.

Try to change eating habits slowly. Focus on getting more fruits and vegetables and eat more whole grains and get good protein and you’ll need less of a sugar rush. You can’t starve your body and look your best. In order to have a healthy body you need to cut out sugar. If you have a problem with food cravings, acidophilus can help get you on the right track. It evens out the good bacteria in your stomach and combats Candida Yeast. Also get colloidal minerals if you’re working out, it can help cut cravings and nourish your body.

Other supplements that can get you in better shape are 2000 mg of Vitamin C and getting enough of the right balance of Vitamins and Minerals. Calcium is good to help you sleep and lose weight if you’re a woman but make sure to take Magnesium to get the right mix.

Focus on what matters. While you’re at work, focus on work, do the best job you can do. Any Good Life Coach will also give you all these advices. Speaking of a life coach, there is this Life Coach in Chicago who is an expert in life coaching and hypnosis, click on the link to get in touch with him and you can thank me later.